Orioles 1966 TBTC Cap: NEW ERA FAIL

The Orioles will be donning their 1966 uniforms this weekend to commemerate the 50th anniversary of their first championship season:

Mets v Orioles

(This picture is from 1970, but these are the same uniforms they wore in ’66.)

I wondered whether New Era would make a special cap for this game or just try to pass the current road cap off as the ’66 cap:

current road

Or maybe they’d fall back on the the Cartoon Bird logo they used to slap on every previous TBTC cap no matter what year it represented:


I was happy to hear that New Era was going to release a new cap for this occasion.  Would they use the correct logo?  I was doubtful, but a simple “orioles 1966 cap” Google search brings up the actual ’66 cap as the first image:


Here’s what New Era came up with:



Not a bad looking cap, it even has the classic green under-brim, but come on!  As stated above, they have super easy access to the correct ’66 logo.  Even the premier logo website sportslogos.net features the correct logos now.  What’s the point of designing a new logo if it’s not historically accurate?  How hard can it be to put out an exact match?

Real vs fake:

fake real compare

Here’s a comparison of a logo I found from one of the Orioles’ past style guides:

66 compare

Though not perfect, I’d take this logo over the one they settled on.  Besides the shape of the button on top of the cap, and the slightly drooped bill, this one almost gets it right.

Sorry New Era, I realize no one else will care or even notice, but I’m not buying it.  I don’t expect a full redesign of your 5950 cap, but at least slap the correct logo on there!  I’m going to hold out for your 1975 TBTC cap, which I know you’ll get exactly right!





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