Baltimore Orioles 1974 KM Pro Cap Box Opening

Nowadays you can find and purchase the same exact caps the pros wear just about anywhere.  Before the late 80’s/early 90’s, however, the only sure way you could get an official, team-issued baseball cap was by ordering directly from the cap manufacturer.  Just think about how tough it would be to even find out what company manufactured a particular team’s cap, as well as finding their address, before the invention of the internet!

Imagine, if you will, a special postal service that delivers through time.  As long as you have the correct address, you can order anything from the past and it will arrive to you in brand new condition.  What would you order?  Comic books, baseball cards, toys, vintage clothing?

Well, let’s just say I placed an order back to June of 1974, to 31 Beach Street, Boston, Massachusetts; location of the KM Pro Cap company.

This is what arrived at my doorstep:


Opening the box:


The original receipt.  $10 for a pro cap back then!


The cap stays protected in KM Pro’s special hi-tech plastic bag:


First, I’ll show you the underside with KM Pro’s specially designed cardboard insert:



“This insert is only to keep your cap in shape while in stock.  Please remove before wearing.”  Hmmm??  If these inserts were still used in caps today, do you think kids would keep them in, just as some kids keep the size stickers on their bills in 2013?

Just look at this pristine headband:


KM Pro tag and size stamp:


A hidden size tag revealed under the headband:


Baltimore Orioles 1974 KM Pro cap, brand new in 2013:






It’s pretty cool to have a pro cap nearly 40 years old in this condition!

T.L.Lears, March, 2013



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